Hey as some of you know we performed  ‘Do Geese See God‘ last month at Word of Warning‘s wonderful Emergency this year.

Here is a lovely Review of the show!

“…Paper People Theatre’s brilliantly titled Do Geese See God? Posing the conundrum of how we really distinguish fact from fiction in a world where facts are always being changed or replaced… consistently engaging exploration of what we know – or don’t know – and how we explain the world to ourselves. And while the tone is light and teasing, the show’s interrogation of our attitude towards facts has a dark undertow in the wake of the EU referendum and the “facts” thrown about during the campaign.”

You can read the full article about what really was a fantastic day full of brilliant, moving and inspiring work by following the link below.

Catherine Love encounters a “a Choose Your Own Adventure storybook of performance” at Emergency Festival in Manchester.
There have been some exciting new developments as a result of this sharing and as soon as we are able we will give you an update. Expect to see more!!
Check out some images of the show;