Our new work in progress ‘Do Geese See God’ is to see it’s first outing at Word of Warning’s – Emergency  on the 1st of October  at Z-Arts!!

Do geese see god? What are planets? How many red balloons are there really?

Facts. Facts allow us to understand the universe and our place within it. But what is a fact? How do we know when a fact is true, out of date, misunderstood or just a lie? That’s what were here to find out
In amongst the facts, all quite interesting, is one story of a young fact, personified, and herflight through life as she struggles to remain true. So sit down, listen close and we’ll tell you the story of fact. You might even learn something. But probably not. 
Come along for our performance and the whole day from 12pm – 11pm!!

We are all very excited to be performing this new piece of work. Any feedback would be very much appreciated!


Jon Coleman will also be performing ‘How to be a Man’ at Stage@Leeds on October the 13th . Pop along if you are free, the show is awesome and it will be one of your last chances to see it!