The World that was Ours

Based upon the real-life American town of Centralia, The World That Was Ours is a multi-disciplinary performance about a man who refuses to leave his scorched hometown as it burns down around him. Abandoned by everyone who he knew, he waits, alone. But he is being watched. In a burnt-out apartment block, in a burnt-down town, he finally manages to get out of his chair, feed his only friend, and cross the room.The lights flicker and ash flies in to the air with every move he makes. As the darkness takes, he clambers on to his exercise bike and begins to pedal, keeping his only light source powered for a few minutes more.

Across the city, watching through the dusty windows, a kindred spirit, trapped and alone, watches him – desperate to make contact.Inspired by the true story of the 1962 Coal Mine fire of a sleepy American town, the show follows the persistance of one abandoned man, surviving in an impossible environment.

Hotter than Mercury, as poisonous as Saturn and safer to evacuate than extinguish; he perseveres for the sake of the town he grew up in, and broadcasts to a world that has forgotten him – a world that forgot to tune in.

Fusing sculpted imagery, beautiful animations and a dark sense of humour, The World That Was Ours was Sticky-Tape theatre’s third show made and was premiered at September 2011’s  Process At Play Festival. This visually breath-taking piece will transport the audience in to a brave new world, inspired by one which is closer than you think.