The Story of a Waiting Man

There is a man. Waiting.

Maybe this man is me, but probably not.

He could be you, but that doesn’t seem likely.

In his waiting place this man sits and contemplates and does things that amount to very little.

A poignant musing on waiting, time and loneliness.

The Story of a Waiting Man is a narrative description of a man who has been waiting so long that he has forgotten what he is waiting for. Using humour and poignancy The Story of a Waiting Man explores the loneliness that can come from extended waiting and musings on the passage of time and nature of change. Using autobiographical elements and stream of consciousness style text, the performance hints at the deeper meaning of the waiting man. The work deals largely with the theme of waiting, and toys with the idea that a continued wait is a combination of failure to achieve and an overwhelming hope that the failure will end and the wait will finish.

“Waiting Man is an existentialist musing littered with hope, potential, loss, action, and inaction. Told in the third person by a bard-like narrator, the audience is not quite sure whether the story being told is true or not. However, the delivery, the investment in everything being said, and the incredibly effective and deceptive simplicity of the storytelling is so compelling that by the end we are visualising the trajectory of a character who never actually appears onstage, and with devastating results. This is a desperately cynical and yet strangely life-affirming piece of theatre which can lead the audience to think about the path that life could potentially take. On a stage covered with incomplete crossword puzzles, origami birds, clocks, empty food wrappers, and even juggling balls, the Waiting Man waits so that we don’t have to.”Claire Dean, ‘Nowt Part Of festival’, 2013