Stories from….A Western

Stories from...

tories from… is a way of telling stories. Three performers and two audience participants tell a story together. Images are weaved together by the performers manipulating the surroundings and manoeuvring the participants. The images tie together to tell the story, any story can be told, no words need be said.

Stories from the Wild West utilises this format to tell a classic Western tale, complete with a villain, a heroe and a damsel (of sorts). It is a piece designed for children and adults alike and is one of our most accessible and fun projects.

The story goes as follows…

Oakstown is a town in peril, the playground of a villainous scoundrel. When the Sheriffs daughter is abducted, a line is crossed. In rides our Hero, the fastest gun in the west. A Knight Errant of the Old West. Set to original songs from The Oakstown Crooners, watch the timeless battle between right and wrong unfold.

“Welcome my friends to Oakstown – a town that’s rather down on it’s luck
We’re going to tell you the story of Oakstown – and a dastardly rancher named Buck
Now Buck has a whole load of money – but he doesn’t much like sharing it around
He treats all the townsfolk like graybacks and dogs – which makes for a very sorry town

 There’s stray dogs and alley cats and bandits all around
There’s always something burning and the houses fall on down
Cos Buck won’t spend a penny of the money he has now
He’s hungry for power in Oakstown”

Stories from the Wild West premiered at on the 26th, 27th and 28th of July at Nozstock Festival