On Writing

On Writing

“The first time she met him it was autumn.

The first time she wrote it they were perfect. A moment of vivid
colour, a moment that didn’t fit.
This is my vignette. A snapshot in words. A slice of personal fiction.
I have drafted, redrafted and poured myself into its very structure.
Mirrored in my own words, I have lost myself along the way. Weaving
the unwilling into unfamiliar chapters. Obstructions block the moment;
discord blots the note.
I invite you to read these lines. The draft as I see it is like the
underside of a quilt, only when you turn it over can you see the true

Formally Silent  came together  in 2008 through a fascination with the formal elements of theatre and the visual language that could be created through the intertwining of movement, lighting and scenography.  As a company Formally Silent made several short pieces of work, and after playing with tape, lamps, metronomes and floating chairs discovered  a shared interest in theatricality.

On Writing was a vignette, a window into an authors mind as she drafts and redrafts a story embedded in her memory. It experimented with how memories bend and change through a shifting scenographic arrangement. Manoeuvrable floating strings were tentatively crossed and investigated throughout the piece. The author and her characters could metaphorically cross each others boundaries with frightening and beautiful consequences.

On Writing was performed in the Nuffield Theatre in 2011 and the piece was chosen to be taken to Flare Festival later that year.