An exploration in to time and experiences, Moments/Details explores the way in which we hold on to the smallest events for as long as possible.How long is a Moment? A moment is thirteen centimetres wide, and thirty-three centimetres long. Enclosed within the confines of the stage, six performers attempt to understand the time and the place which they’re experiencing at this very second. A speech that can never be spoken. A product that can never be sold. And A floor that you just can’t manage to fall through.Moments/Details is a story of struggles and endurance – with no setting, no time and no context. The experience of the performance fills the theatre and becomes the all important moment. All that remains is Can you capture a moment? Can you immortalise it?An exciting live performance, Moments/Details is a stunning combination of theatre, photography and shadow-play. Set against the silhouettes of an impenetrable world just out of reach, the performance questions what it is to truly experience any moment, and all its intricate details .