How to be a Man

How to be a Man

“A Man’s got to have a code, a creed to live by…” John Wayne

Men are in crisis. They don’t know how to be men anymore; they don’t even know what it means to be a man anymore. Now they are desperately trying to find the answer. Countless books, films, documentaries and articles have appeared, all trying to tell you how to live like a man and what a man is. So here is another voice in the crowd.

The important questions will be answered…

What are the core values that a man should hold dear? Is manhood a choice? How does a man waltz?

In this solo performance one man expresses his various, sometimes contradictory opinions on how to be a man, gathered through careful research and generalised assumption. These are interspersed with personal stories gathered from interviews with members of the public and extracts from the various self-help books as well social clichés and famous quotes about men. Not all of what he says is what he thinks and not all of what he says is true.

There is an apology to be made however. This show will fail, but that’s ok, it’s meant to.

How to be a Man

Video from the How to be a Man tour – 2016

Thanks to Tamsin Drury for the video!