Do Geese See God (2016-2017)

Do Geese See God

Do geese see god? What are planets? How many red balloons are there really?

Facts. Facts allow us to understand the universe and our place within it. But what is a fact? How do we know when a fact is true, out of date, misunderstood or just a lie? That’s what were here to find out
In amongst the facts, all quite interesting, is one story of a young fact, personified, and her flight through life as she struggles to remain true. So sit down, listen close and we’ll tell you the story of fact. You might even learn something. But probably not.
Do Geese See God? is an exploration of the ongoing development in humanities relationship with fact, how we understand and explain the universe around us and our place within it. The show examines the effects of the rise of Post Fact and Alternative facts, the effect that they have on humanity and if facts can be ignored or rewritten. Despite being a show that explores a crucial and current issue, Do Geese See God is fun. It is energetic and silly. The audience see four performers attempting to define fact, establish its relationship with the world around us and what happens if facts become irrelevant.
We are attempting to do something that is either very difficult or perhaps impossible. It is full of interesting, fun and bizarre facts and interlaced with unexpected moments and poetic writing
Do Geese See God? is created to be captivating, exciting, interesting and most of all fun. It explores the very nature of our existence and our understanding of where we fit within it but it does it with huge amounts of energy, a sense of humour and a fair amount of irony. This show is silly, because the world can be a dark place, and we should be able to contemplate our place within it without falling into a pit of despair.

‘Do Geese See God’

Performed as part of Lancaster Art’s Foot in the Door festival, February 2017

Thanks to Adam York Gregory for this video!

Watch out for a DGSG tour in 2018!!

 Download the information pack here: Do Geese See God Info Pack
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