Falling is a live performance piece following the journey of a man failing to fall from the top of a inner city sky-scraper. Told to see reason, the man follows his instincts in to an eternal fall where he finds the time to contemplate his loves, failures and mis-fortunes.In the centre of the city, one figure approaches another at the edge of the building. Above high winds and heavy traffic, They exchange words. And no stories. Memories and opportunities fill the stage and Falling drags the audience with it. Combining exciting physical theatre, dramatic text and endearing, hand-drawn animation, Falling causes an impossible world of nostalgia and regret to flash before your eyes as you fall.Taking inspiration from fears and recollections, and whether or not they need to drive our own lives, the show questions how important it is to be driven by a haunted past. Created in 2008 at the Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Arts, Falling premièred at The Nuffield Theatre, and again in redux at The Green Room, Manchester.