Lowri Jones

Lowri Jones is a Welsh performance artists now based in Manchester. Her background is in live art and contemporary dance and before forming Paper People Theatre she worked largely as a solo artist performing at The Nuffield Theatre, The Tate Modern and Contact and working with artists such as Emily Roysdon, Mel Brimfield and Louise Anne Wilson. Now working as part of Paper People Theatre her live art background informs her work as a performer and dramaturg and her interests lie in work which is physical, often silent and which takes the audience through the visual landscape created on stage.

Lowri studied Theatre Studies and English at Lancaster University where she also completed a Masters in Professional Contemporary Arts Practice in 2010.

During 2011 she worked with Janan Yakula in filming the artist in residence Mel Brimfield’s work This is Performance Art and supported the co-ordination of ‘Proto-type’s‘ piece Fortnight.

Now working as part of Paper People Theatre she also works collaboratively and during June 2012 she performed as part of The Tate Live  at the Tate Modern with artist Emily Roysdon and during September 2011  for Louise Ann Wilson as part of Jack Scout and in 2012 Ghost Bird .

Lowri currently works as The Deputy Front of House Manager for Z-arts, Hulme and as a Relief House Manager for The Octagon Theatre Bolton.

Projects outside PPT Include:  Song of Songs, Codes of RomanceCourtly