Hannah Mook

Hannah Mook is a contemporary performance maker based in Lincoln UK. Her work seeks to explore the interplay between a performer’s body and what surrounds them. Her past works have been heavily prop and movement based and are often silent.

Currently she is experimenting with an evolution of her performance practice, focusing on stolen text in performance as a means of expressing loss of words (But Then It Rained 2013) and the effect of recorded memories on our perception of time and individuality (Vid- ayo 2014).

 Hannah is constantly preoccupied with the formal and visual aspects of theatre, her work is often uncanny or displaced (Commonland 2014).  This preoccupation makes her work engaging for a wide range of audiences and it’s a safe bet there will always be a kettle nearby for you to share in a cup of tea. She is currently working with Powder Keg theatre as a devisor and performer for their show Bears which is being supported by The Royal Exchange.

Projects Outside PPT Include: I wrote You a Letter (2010), A Part of Town (2011), On Writing (2012)