Paper People Theatre

Seeking to create and unravel vibrantly intricate worlds and their inhabitants.


After a successful first sharing of Ouroboros at Camden People’s Theatre in June, we have taken it back to the workshop! We have another sharing at the Royal exchange at 1pm on the 31st of August to showcase some of the great changes we have made…and get some honest feedback on how to make it even more awesome.

Have you ever been absolutely sure of something? Have you looked at a situation or made a decision and been 100% completely, totally and undeniably sure of what you’re doing?  Are you certain that you can be sure of anything? In this space, there are 4 of us, on stage, performing for you, the audience. The space we occupy is black, lit by stage lights so that you can see us. And we can see you too. This you can be sure of. Dive into our world where 4 performers try to make sense of what it means to live in a Post-truth, alternative fact world. Ouroboros uses a language mixed of visuals, movement, sparing words and sign to offer a battle of emotions vs facts reflecting the current political climate.

About us

We are an emerging Theatre Company based in Lincoln and Manchester. We seek to create and unravel intricate worlds and their inhabitant. Our work is visually rich and vibrant, often silent and always centered around human interactions and relationships. These relationships are explored largely through movement and the interplay between us as performers and our fabricated landscape. We are…..