Paper People Theatre

Seeking to create and unravel vibrantly intricate worlds and their inhabitants.

After a wonderfully successful work in progress at Lancaster Arts as part of ‘Foot in the Door’ we are putting together a tour! Please stay tuned!! Read about how our work in progress went Here

Read a bit about Jon’s latest project ‘Two sun’s in the sunset’ which premiered at this year’s ‘Emergency’ Word of Warning event!

Mook has her own very exciting project going on ‘Whales’, which has secure some lovely arts Council funding!

Finally Jake got his own Arts Council treat as Powder Keg also secure funding for their ‘Morale is high’ tour!! Believe me when I say it’s been a long time coming, well done team!

We are an emerging Theatre Company based in Lincoln and Manchester. We seek to create and unravel intricate worlds and their inhabitant. Our work is visually rich and vibrant, often silent and always centered around human interactions and relationships. These relationships are explored largely through movement and the interplay between us as performers and our fabricated landscape. We are…..